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Quartier Saint-Michel 33000 Bordeaux

from 06/10 to 16/10/2011 at 13h to 19h


Eventail visuel


The individual forces inside Eventail are the following: one comedian-experimenter-traveller-director, three performers-plasticians-sportsmen, one author-in your face slam artist, one enlightened psychologist, one book manufacturer-graphic designer-concept inventor, one musician-DIYer-songwriter, one hard-core sociologist and four cultural-thinkers-who-enjoy-rolling-their-sleeves-up. There are thirteen of them, but with no Jesus in their midst. All in all, Eventail finds its meaning more through the jumble and interlocking of gushing ideas than through the sum of individuals that compose it.

Its field of research is everyday life and the will to take a step back to observe it. It turns little disturbances, subtle shifts and poetic nonsense to its advantage and spreads them onto your daily toast, between a dentist appointment and lunch with What’s-his-name. Just one advice if you wish to catch this breath of fresh air: don’t look for Eventail, Eventail will come to you.

From 6 to 16 October : spontaneous interventions


L’Association des Arts de la Parole

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