Radio Grenouille

Founded in 1981, Marseille
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Since 1981, Radio Grenouille has been patiently and tenaciously nurturing a hybrid project involving sound and free media, urban music and culture, sonic creations, radio workshops and events in the city. It has developed a whole art of transmission, which nowadays also plays with the possibilities offered by the web, to further express the need for cultivating an art of inventive listening, and a curiosity about other people and the world. Forms of listening, coherent and disjointed alike, controlled mishaps, intersecting approaches and know-how, the “geophony” of Marseille, as much as the bonds woven with artists and inhabitants, lie at the heart of Radio Grenouille’s activities. It regularly initiates projects about territories near and far, where it dovetails its activities between journalism, documentary film, sound work, and participatory approaches, in order to experiment with a perceptible decipherment.

Sieste sonore Grenouille istanbul (photo Stéphane Jourdan)

photo du plateau (photo Stéphane Jourdan)

Balade sonore (photo Stéphane Jourdan)

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